July 25, 2018


Value Creation in CCTV System at Aditya Birla Cement Plant, Shambhupura

I had completed my PS1 training at Aditya Birla Cement Plant, Shamphupura. I was introduced to IT section where I learnt the activities involved in Central Control Room (CCR) and a network of CCTVs installed all over the plant. The cameras, DVRs, switches and bridges are connected via CAT6 cable using RJ45. There are multiple LANs in the plant in order to enhance IT security. The bridges control the movement of packets across these multiple LANs. In this training, I got the knowledge of various parts and equipments of CCTV system like CAT6 cable, cameras and DVRs, network topology and layout. Finally, after reviewing the appropriate literature and critically thinking about the possibilities, I gave four concrete suggestions for enhancement and value creation out of existing setup. These are computer-controlled analytics and identification, real time analysis of video streaming data for finding out anomalous process behaviour, real time analysis of video streaming data for face detection to identify unauthorized access and real time analysis of security data to identify gaping holes in the security system. These suggestions can definitively be deployed by executing machine learning and deep learning algorithms on CNN/RNN architectures while using data on Hadoop/HDFS system thus leveraging the distributed analytics.

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